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I took my first ceramics class when I was seven at the Children's Museum in Rocky Mount, NC. I remember making a smiling pig, and I 've been hooked ever since! I have taken many ceramics classes since then, but the idea for my spirit dolls came about unexpectedly.

I was doing crafts with my daughters at the beach. We had pom-poms, polymer clay and some round wooden clothespins. As we noodled around, I made a small doll and added lots of feathers. I went several years without giving her much thought. I began playing with materials again and made similar dolls. They have evolved throughout the years to include earthen ware clay, cedar, shells, old jewelry and feathers, lots of feathers! I find cedar in the forests around my neighborhood and search the barrier islands for shells and driftwood. All my materials are upcycled.

It is my hope that my spirit dolls provide inspiration, support, hope, thanks and comfort. I am currently a studio assistant at the Carrboro Arts Center and am coming up with new ideas for Womancraft. I never know what will show up when I am playing with art!

I joined WomanCraft in 2023, and you can find my collection there. You can also see me on Saturday afternoon. I would love to see you, too; and talk more about my work and inspiration.

Here are samples of my work; please enjoy!


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