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I am a self-taught artist. As long as I can remember, I have felt compelled to draw. I see beauty in everything. I love to capture the personality of children, adults, or animals in my art. I love beautiful scenes and still life drawings. And I love all mediums.

I guess my gift was first noticed in elementary school. My art teacher had me do special paintings (while the rest of the kids were in class) which were displayed in front of the principal’s office. She also had me and two others paint the windows on either side of the front door with holiday scenes. In high school, girls would ask me to draw their boyfriends’ pictures – my first commissions.

Even though I did not have a career in art, that need to draw never left me, and I have been able to use my gift in various ways through the years. I am now retired and have joined the Colored Pencil Society of America and in 2022, I joined WomanCraft Gifts.

I am enjoying getting to know so many creative people. My complete collection is available in our Carrboro store, and you can find me in there on Tuesday morning.

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