Dottie Fiddleman

One of the many things my mother taught me as a child were a love of history and the joy of creating something with my hands.  From that I have developed my skills as a weaver and a quilter.  I have studied weaving at Penland School in North Carolina, and have take quilting classes locally, as well as in France, the U.K. and Hawaii. 

Although I may never use all the fabric and yarn that takes up a good part of my home, I have learned to say I collect yarn and fabric, thereby alleviating the guilt and allowing me the pleasure of always adding to my stash.  I hope you receive as much pleasure in owning a piece of my work as I did in crafting it.

I became a member of WomanCraft in 1978.

Dottie is the artist behind Quilding D's.  Dottie's complete collection is available at our Carrboro, North Carolina store.  To see more of her items available online, click here.