Jackie Wiggins

For thirty years, I worked in the corporate world and spent my spare time developing skills in a number of crafts:  sewing, knitting/crochet, quilting, painting, and pottery.  However, it wasn't until I was introduced to stained glass that I knew I had found a craft I could call my own. 

Glass fascinates me!  I love the variety of textures, the richness of colors, the fragility and endurance of the product, and most amazingly - my surprise and delight at its interaction with light!  I finally started doing commission jobs and selling my creations at weekend shows, consignment stores like WomanCraft Gifts, and even running other craft gift stores. 

I like to believe that my stained glass work is similar to what I've experienced in life.  By adding a little light to a subject, all the various textures, colors and myriad combinations of glass can surprise and charm you with their unique potential.

My membership at WomanCraft Gifts began in 2003.

Jackie is the artist behind Glass Visions.  Jackie's complete collection is available at our Carrboro, North Carolina store.  To see more of her items available online, click here.