Jamie Mastin

I am the daughter of an artist and have spent my life dabbling in various forms of art to satisfy the urge to create. I have always loved paper, hoarded notebooks as a child, and cut my teeth on origami and scrap-booking. 

When I learned to make truly 3-dimensional objects from paper, I found my true passion. I love taking such a fragile and everyday material and making it do things it does not normally do. Instead of glass houses, I choose to make paper ones.  I build a variety of complex structures, mixing and matching colors and patterns of paper, adding texture with embossing, further dimension with inking, and adding sparkle and light through embellishments and LED lights. 

These days I'm also exploring cardmaking - especially ones with special effects such as movement or light. A new tool has also allowed me to branch out into a bit of jewelry - at the moment in the form of leather and wood earrings. They are modern, yet whimsical like my paper projects and full of color and texture.

I joined WomanCraft in 2018. My collection is available at our in-store location in Carrboro, North Carolina. To see more of her items available online, click here.