Jean Wipperman

I am a fiber artist, specializing in sewing, quilting, embroidery, crochet, weaving, felting and hand spinning yarn.  My parents and grandparents instilled me with the values of creativity and thrift, while my children and grandchildren inspire the whimsy and quirkiness in my designs and products.

My passion has been to repurpose objects into the unexpected, drawing the eye, and starting a conversation.  Many of my products are utilitarian like market bags and wine totes and purses that are made from upcycled jeans, repurposed neckties or recycled sari silk.

My career as a Recreation Therapist inspired my ideas for creating fiddly quilts for people with Alzheimer’s, walker caddies for those with mobility problems and most recently community face coverings for all of us.

I love the feel of fibers, textiles, silks, wools and cottons.  My newest passion is to turn wool roving and silk fibers into gloriously tactile and colorful scarves, pins, cases, purses and vessels. 

I joined WomanCraft Gifts in 2014.

Jean is the artist behind Rudyp2ty.  Jean's complete collection is available at our Carrboro, North Carolina store.  To see more of her items available online, click here.