Jennifer Strickland

I started doing fused art glass because I like things that sparkle. By using dichroic glass, which has infused metals, I can create different colors, textures and forms. Fusing glass is my way of taking a break from the everyday work world where I teach clarinet and saxophone.

Located in Carrboro, North Carolina, Jamstones Art Glass specializes in fused glass jewelry that is colorful and eye-catching. We make jewelry, plates, and more! My pieces are composed of cut, crushed (also known as frit) and powdered glass which, when fused in a kiln, create a solid piece. 

By heating the kiln to varying temperatures and using different firing times I can create a myriad of effects.  When you put a piece in a kiln, you have an idea of what will be created. However, upon opening the kiln after firing, my first thought is that glass is truly alive and has an ebb and flow of its own. Glass is very tactile.  I hope my pieces make you want to look, feel and wonder how they are made.

You can find Jennifer's complete line at our Carrboro, North Carolina store and her items available online here.