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WomanCraft Gifts specializes in original, high quality work made by local, North Carolina artists. Located in Carrboro, near UNC Chapel Hill, our business is a corporation but functions as a cooperative. The members and consignors who make the items we sell and the people who operate our brick and mortar and online stores are all residents of North Carolina.

We are always looking for new and creative products and people to join our co-op as either members or consignors.

As members, individuals actually work in the store, and have the opportunity to meet and interact with fellow artists and crafts persons as well as store customers. Besides selling their work in the store, members are encouraged to showcase their items with displays which they have designed.  They are also required to participate in one or more activities to support the operation overall, like scheduling, marketing, display and product review.

For artists who are unable to participate in running the store, WomanCraft Gifts accepts a limited number of consignors who provide inventory to sell in the shop, and work cooperatively with a WomanCraft member assigned to them to serve as their representative. 

Commission rates differ between members and consignors, commensurate with their level of support to the brick and mortar operation as well as our new, online store.  Both members and consignors have an opportunity to opt into our online store in addition to their sales presence in the shop in Carrboro.

All items sold by WomanCraft Gifts must go through a rigorous review and approval process.

If you are at least 18 years of age and live in the Triangle area, we suggest visiting the store first to become familiar with our current inventory and confirm if your type of work is already represented in the store.  Only a very limited number of items available are represented in our online shop.

If you would like to receive more information and specific details about our application process, please send an message to, or use the form below to contact us.