Q & A with Jackie Wiggins

Jackie joined WomanCraft in 2003


What attracted you to join WomanCraft?

I was a customer long before I was a member. I loved the store for the variety and originality of the items. It was my go-to place for gifts (once my family and friends had their fair share of my own creations.) I had a secretary who insisted she was only interested in additional pieces of the first type of pottery I gave her. By 2003 I had several years of weekend shows and seasonal pop up stores. I liked that Womancraft was a year-round operation and I loved meeting women who shared my addiction to creating beautiful pieces. 

What were some of the first pieces you made as a member?

Since I had been selling for some time, I was able to provide a number of different items including picture frames, candle holders, lamps, Christmas ornaments, jewelry boxes, Moravian stars and angels. I even had some large wall mirrors in the store the first year. 

Do you make any of these pieces today?

I make all of these items, if not in the original form, then as an “evolved” version. Recently, I’ve even resurrected some patterns from the early days that appeal to the current generation. But I don’t feel limited by these original items but like to continually experiment to demonstrate the real beauty and versatility of glass.

Any favorite memories or stories?

A general appreciation of our customers perhaps. I’ve noticed repeatedly how much care and attention the customers give to choosing the gifts they purchase. It may be a small $10 item or a $250 purchase but they often take the time to closely examine and consider their choice as if our products matter.

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