Q & A with Sally Austin

What attracted you to join WomaCraft?
I first heard of WomanCraft in 1973 when I was a sophomore at UNC. I wanted my very creative mom to join but she was busy with two kids at home. So in 2013 when all three of my kids had moved out, I was accepted by and joined WomanCraft.


What were some of the first pieces you made as a member?

I was making colorful, beaded jewelry and crocheted afghans and scarves. At the same time I was taking photographs along the Al Buehler Trail in Durham. I was fascinated by mushrooms and made notecards from the photos. A couple of years later I started taking photos of spring flowers and I sell these notecards as well.

Do you make any of these pieces today?

I still make items using the same techniques as when I started, but my skills have grown through the friendships I've made at WomanCraft.

Any favorite memories or stories?

I'm committed to WomanCraft because of the amazing artists and the interesting customers from the Triangle and all over the country.

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