Q & A with Sue Kopkind

What attracted you to join WomanCraft?

I joined Womancraft because there were limited avenues to sell fiber items. I started out just making log cabin quilt pins. I still make a few country charm quilt pins. 

What were some of the first pieces you made as a member?

Soon after I joined I went to a class to make crazy quilt vests and they were an instant success at Womancraft. I think I made over 750 vests but then they lost their appeal.I have always made tote bags, sweatshirts.

Do you make any of these pieces today?

Along the way I went to a class to make the coiled Bali bowls probably around 2005. I have refined my procedure for making them and now that is what I sell the most.   

Any favorite memories or stories?

I have always considered Karen Graves as my unofficial mentor both in what I make and my display skills. When I was Coordinator for WomanCraft, Karen was Display Chair. I used to come in on Thursdays and help her with displays.

I've had many rewarding experiences through Womancraft and enjoy the comradeship.

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