Sue Scheier

As a Visual Artist, colored glass has always held an eye-catching appeal to me. I am fascinated by the way the color can transform based on the intensity of light shining through it. The fused glass process, combining glass of various shapes, colors and sizes and firing them at very high temperatures in a kiln, adds another dimension to its magical quality. I have spent countless hours experimenting with as well as developing my own fused glass techniques and am constantly amazed by its endless possibilities. Today, with my learned skills and experience, I am honing this special craft to produce and share my Uncommon Glass pieces.

Many of my unique pieces are not only appealing to the eye but are functional as well. My nightlights, for example, allow the special magic of colored glass to add a little shine throughout a home. And my swizzle sticks add a bit of sparkle while stirring a toasty hot chocolate! From three-dimensional glass sculptures to framed glass pieces, my work is a result of my passion for and pleasure in working with glass. I hope that my Uncommon Glass can bring a little joy into your heart and home.

I joined WomanCraft Gifts in 2020.

Sue's complete collection is available at our Carrboro, North Carolina store.  To see more of her items available online, click here.