Velma Ferrell

Sewing has been a hobby of mine since childhood, so it was natural for me to return to the sewing machine in my retirement years.  In addition to sewing, an added pleasure these days is to browse in fabric stores, selecting 2 or 3 complementary fabrics which can be combined into one creation. The results might be children's pillow cases, fabric gift bags, foot warmers, microwave bowl cozies, or other items of use. 

My first products at WomanCraft, and still the most popular, were flax-seed and lavender "pillows" or wraps which, heated or cooled, can bring comfort and relief for sore or tight muscles, cramping, cold feet or hands, and eyestrain.

Now what do you do with all those leftover fabric scraps?  It's fun to turn them into "hot cup cozies," tea bag carriers and eye masks - all colorful creations for the perfect small gift or one's own use.

I have been a member of WomanCraft since 2012.

Velma is the artist behind Sew Delightful.  Velma's complete collection is available at our Carrboro, North Carolina store. To see more of her items available online, click here.